the project was exhibited at Lisbon Architecture Triennale under the section Visionaries from 29.Sept -  until 05.December 2022 as part of Universities award competition.
Teachers: Nancy Couling, Vibeke Jensen & Marianna Anichini (marine biologist) Autumn 2021
students: Maria Thoner, Sara Boukili, Bastian Haukefær, Øistein Larssen and Katarina Kierulf

Teachers: Nancy Couling, Vibeke Jensen & Marianna Anichini (marine biologist) Autumn 2022
The course Explorations in Ocean Space- Choreography for Norskehavet explores how architecture and design can tackle a complex oceanic environment determined by interrelated forces operating in a radical state of flux. Currents are shifting, fish moving. Despite its unique, largely unknown ecosystems, exploitative deep-sea mining futures for Norskehavet (the Norwegian Ocean) are being forged. Inherited planning methods do not meet the challenge, instead we extend architectural tools to follow ecosystem connections rather than objects, to imagine the perspective of more-than-human protagonists and to tell new ocean stories. Merging artistic research, scientific data, and transdisciplinary dialogue, the projects provide temporal and sensorial access to Norskehavet’s critical spaces.
Why we applied:
The ocean is a crucial site where we must address changing ways of placemaking in a globalised planet. The world ocean is exploited, colonised, divided and commodified- a fluid Terra. It is hyperspatial; deep, layered, volumetric, and kinetic. The degraded ecological condition of the world ocean has so far not improved through techno-scientific approaches to ocean management. Holistic, imaginative and critical architectures are required that disseminate knowledge, stimulate emotion, and describe potential new human-oceanic relations. The student work pushes the inherited boundaries of architecture to embrace this challenge, exploiting the communicative force of sound, image, text and materials.

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