The ground floor has 2 passageways that are situated under the lightshafts. These connect the street with the gardens and have also the entrances to the shops, cafe and the appartments. This adds a function to the passage and helps the passage to not feel as a tunnel but a place to walk through and stop.
The facade towards the garden is more dynamic but simple, whilst the facade towards the street has balconies like most of the other buildings around and is also more ordered. the different apartments have different materiality/color so that the building wouldn't feel so massive but a bit more divided into individual blocks. There was an idea of using Kalksandstein to build it, or some other suitable sustainable material.
some photos of the model, to check the light and the position of windows. The model walls were all loose at the start, so I could move them around until I was satisfied enough. The final plans were then drawn from the model.
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